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A Qing Dynasty Canton Beaker Vase

A Qing Dynasty Canton Beaker Vase


Circa 1880 China

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Height 13 inches (33.02 cm)

A Canton beaker vase, decorated with court scenes, flowers, foliage and birds.

Chinese Canton porcelain was manufactured and fired in the kilns of Ching-Te Chen. From there, works were taken to the port at Canton, where finishing touches were applied by local artists and goods were shipped to Europe and America. The large central panel, usually depicting interior or exterior scenes, is one of the trademarks of Canton porcelain as opposed to other Chinese Export porcelain of the same time.

This beaker vase is of good scale and has a well proportioned bulbous centre. Its various panels are richly decorated to suit the European taste of its time.

Reference 0099 (36)

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