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A 17th Century Clobbered Arita Porcelain Bottle Vase

A 17th Century Clobbered Arita Porcelain Bottle Vase


Circa 1700 Japan

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Height 16 1/2 inches (41.91 cm)
Width 7 1/2 inches (19.05 cm)

A rare late 17th century clobbered Arita porcelain bottle vase, having decoration in later applied red upon a blue and white glazed body.

Edo Period

In early 18th century Europe, the demand for polychrome porcelain exceeded supply from the Orient. As such, upon arrival, blue and white export wares were decorated with applied colours. Amsterdam and Delft were the main centres for 'clobbering' in Holland and became known as "Amsterdams Bont" (colourful wares from Amsterdam).

In this example we see iron red clobbering of figures, cherubs, flowers and lattice work. The over-painted patterns are a European imitation of Oriental designs and a very Baroque attempt at that. Looking closely beneath the clobbered surface, one can see a very simple and minimalist Japanese landscape in its original blue and white glazes.

Early clobbered pieces such as this Arita vase display more complex designs than later 18th examples as tastes changed.

Reference 0913

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