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A Set of Six 19th Century Fern Press Pictures

A Set of Six 19th Century Fern Press Pictures


Circa 1890 France

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Height 32 inches (81.28 cm)
Width 25 1/2 inches (64.77 cm)
Depth 2 1/2 inches (6.35 cm)

A Collection of Ferns (Fougères), original specimens fixed to a pre-printed backing sheet produced by Damour-Girand in Lyon.

Pteridomania or Fern-Fever was a craze for ferns. Victorian and the late 19th century decorative arts throughout Europe presented the fern motif in pottery, glass, metal, textiles, wood, printed paper and sculpture. Interest began in the late 1830s when the countryside in Northern Europe attracted increasing numbers of amateur and professional botanists.

Dimensions refer to the size of each frame.

Reference 1124

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