Treasure! An Empire Period Walnut Console Table, Mahogany Centre Table, Bedside Cabinet and Large Gilt Wood Overmantel Mirror

No mountain is too high, no valley too low, no river too wide and no ocean too deep in Timothy Langston‘s search for new pieces… The glorious Empire period features highly in recent additions to items in the gallery.

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A recent trip took Timothy to France where, amongst his finds, he discovered a fine Empire Period Walnut Console Table.

An early 19th century empire period walnut console table

It holds a beautiful fossil marble top on a rich walnut base. Double tuscan column supports with fine brass capitals end in shaped plinth bases fronting the piece.

Other finds from this period include an early 19th century Empire Period Mahogany Centre Table, an early 19th Century Empire Period Large Overmantel Mirror, a 19th century Empire Period Bedside Cabinet and many more (Timothy Langston Fine Art and Antiques).

An early 19th century Empire Period Mahogany Centre Table
An early 19th century empire period bedside cabinet
An early 19th century empire period large gilt wood overmantel mirror

All of the above Empire Style pieces share a strong influence of Classical Roman architecture, an interest in purity of form, use of symbols and ornaments from the Classical Antiquity and Ancient Egypt, a solid, grand appearance as well as warm colour palettes.

We so enjoy sourcing special antiques that no obstacle seems too great to discover beauty to fill our gallery at The Pimlico Road with. This time it was France and next time…