Circa 1600 China

A 16th Century Ming Period Celadon Porcelain Vase



Height 8 inches (20.32 cm)
Width 3 1/2 inches (8.89 cm)

A late 16th century celadon porcelain vase, the body with palm decoration under a crackle glaze.

Chinese celadon or greenware used to be the most highly valued type of ceramic at the Chinese Imperial Court and came into existence in the Shang Dynasty. Its name stems from the character in the 17th century French novel L’Astrée, Celadon, who famously wore ribbons of the same pale green. Though the deliberate crackling effect, as can be seen in this example, was first used on celadon works, it can now be found on various other types of ceramics.

Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)

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