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Whether it is an etching or an engraving, a single black and white edition or a collection of coloured images, we always have a diverse stock of watercolours and prints. While oil paintings provide a song central focus within an interior, watercolours, prints and sets thereof offer a continuous visual conversation between a room setting and its visitors. In the past we have found that clients buy prints for almost all aspects of their home as they are simple additions to lend significance to nooks and crannies around the house as well as larger wall spaces. Since they are mostly additions, they are also more affordable than unique oil paintings but, nevertheless, can be of tremendous significance.

Other than prints, watercolours are unique artworks; and unlike oil paintings, they are generally lighter and more delicate in appearance. The watercolours we stock at Timothy Langston Fine Art and Antiques range from seascapes to still life studies flowers and, stylistically, offer something to suit every taste

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