Circa 1850 China

A 19th Century Qing Dynasty Turquoise Ground Square Vase



Height 13 1/4 inches (33.65 cm)
Width 5 1/2 inches (13.97 cm)

A mid-19th century vase of square tapering form, with lotus leaf and geometric decoration on a turquoise ground.

This type of porcelain is also referred to as “Peacock-Green”, due to its iridescent qualities. The production of Chinese turquoise glazing reaches as far back as the Yuan Dynasty and seems to have been influenced by craftsmen of the Middle East. In China, single glazed turquoise wares were produced from their early stages right through the Ming Period, where they were considered rare and valuable. Items made during the Qing Dynasty were specifically produced for the Western Market as export goods.

Qing Dynasty, Daoguang Period (1821 – 1850)

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