Circa 1810 England

Circle of John Sell Cotman – A Pair of Views of Kenilworth Castle


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Height 14 inches (35.5 cm)
Width 16 3/4 inches (42.5 cm)
Depth 1 inch (2.5 cm)

Circle of John Sell Cotman, circa 1810

A pair of views of Kenilworth Castle

Watercolour on paper; inscribed verso; framed

Provenance: A country house, Somerset, England

Dating from the twelfth century, Kenilworth Castle has played a significant part in English history. Owned and used by many English monarchs as a fortress palace it has played its part in rebellions resulting often in its siege most notably during the English Civil War, when it was used by Royalist forces. Partly dismantled following the Parliamentary victory, the ‘ruined’ structure became both a farm and more humble abode. By the nineteenth century the entire estate was used as a farm and the castle became a romantic ruin which caught the imagination of both artists and writers, particularly after Sir Walter Scott immortalised it with the publication of his book Kenilworth in 1821.

These evocative and sensitively painted views of two aspects of the Castle structure date to the time of Scott’s book and reflect the historic Romanticism of the period. John Sell Cotman (1782-1849) was a popular landscape artist in the first half of the nineteenth century. He travelled extensively and his popularity ensured many followers who admired and imitated his style.

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