Circa 1650 Netherlands

Follower of Philips Wouwerman – A Hawking Party



Height 36 inches (91.5 cm)
Width 55 inches (139.75 cm)
Depth 3 inches (7.5 cm)

Oil on canvas. Set within a carved and gilded eighteenth century frame.

DImensions listed refer to outer framed size.

Philips Wouwerman (also Wouwermans) (1619-1668) was a Dutch painter of hunting landscapes and battle scenes.

Philips Wouwerman was one among the most versatile and prolific of artists working in the Dutch Golden Age. He was embedded in the artistic environment and tradition of his home town of Haarlem and made an important and influential contribution to the canon of seventeenth century Dutch art. His pictures were in demand throughout his lifetime, and became even more prized in the eighteenth century.

Wouwerman developed an individual style, working with a wide range of subjects from genre and landscape painting to military and religious scenes (equestrian, hunting and hawking parties, landscapes with travellers, cavalry battles, and military encampments). He is noted for his skill in the depiction of horses of all breeds seen in motion.

The composition of the present work shows direct influence of Philips Wouwerman in its composition and motion. It was most certainly painted by an avid follower of his approach and techniques.

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