Isla’s choice: a selection of vases including A Pair of Green Ground Porcelain Bottle Vases, Imari Porcelain Flasks

A Pair of Imari Porcelain Flasks

This week English period lifestyle blogger Isla Simpson has written about a selection of antique vases including Green Bottle Vases & Imari all of which are available on  “Timothy Langston’s shop on the Pimlico Road has the most beautiful selection of antique vases I know of”

Isla Simpson and Her Cat

Isla has been writing her blog since 2013 whilst restoring her Victorian flat back to a period aesthetic. She mixes photography with images of interiors, architecture and antiques and describes her blog as ‘notes on living an English period lifestyle in the 21st century’. After graduating from Central Saint Martins Isla has built a successful career in handbag and leather goods design and is a contributing editor for House & Gardens online, collaborating with The Landmark Trust and Christies among others.

She continues “You can take a risk on a colourful antique vase in the way you wouldn’t with a wall colour.”

Items Isla highlights include this pair of Green Ground Porcelain Bottle Vases. Made in the late 19th century these have a fabulous green crackle glaze which was first used during the Kangxi reign. Solid dark green glazes are unusual in Chinese porcelain – typically potters prefered to use lighter celadon. These could be placed on any surface, the strength of colour making a bold contrast to pale coloured walls.

Green Ground Porcelain Vases

Another pair Isla spotted were these charming Imari Porcelain Flasks made in Japan. Again they are late 19th century and are in an elegant square form with pretty floral decoration in red, black and gold upon white. These vases would make stunning eye-catchers if placed upon a chimney piece as part of a decorative garniture.

A Pair of 19th Century Imari Porcelain Flasks

A pair of Qing Dynasty blue and white moon flasks too are included, decorated with circular landscape cartouches. This type of vase takes its name from the form of a full moon and their generous outline will create a magnificent silhouette against any backdrop.

A Pair of 19th Century Blue & White Porcelain Moon Flasks

Discover more about Isla Simpson and read her blog post here. Timothy Langston Fine Art & Antiques is open daily during weekdays and on Saturdays and all items are also available online.

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