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A recent visit to the Loire Valley in France led to my discovering a wonderful range of architectural lighting suitable for any French inspired interior. Here’s a link to the Condé Nast guide of where to stay.

The Loire region is famous for its Chateaux and these finial-shaped lamp bases and wall lights celebrate the French Renaissance and Baroque in all their splendour. Visits to a number of the Chateaux left me so impressed that I decided to name my collection after these historical treasures.

The lamp bases were all made in the last century and have been hand calved, hand turned and painted using traditional methods. Each incorporates classical detailing such as acanthus leaves, palmettes, egg and dart motifs and Solomonic columns.

The wall lights are made from tôle (painted tin), a form of decoration which has always been popular in French design, especially in lighting.

A pair of montgeoffroy wall lights

A pair of chambord lamp basesI would particularly like to draw your attention to A Pair of Chambord Lamp Bases. With their rich gadrooning and deep fluted bodies, these highly architectural lamp bases celebrate the exuberance of the French Renaissance tradition. Also of note is the Pair of Montgeoffroy Wall Lights. These are of cartouche form and take inspiration from Baroque armorial shields. 

See the Chateaux collection in its entirety here.

The Chateaux collection has proved immensely popular with leading interior decorators in the UK and overseas. Here are some examples lamp bases incorporated into an exciting new hotel project in the English countryside.

Designer lamp bases, the pimlico road, london - timothy langston lighting Bedroom lighting - timothy langston - the pimlico road, london  Lighting - timothy langston - the pimlico road


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