Andrew Sinclair and Timothy Langston – A Match Made in Heaven

In Timothy Langston’s own words:

Timothy Langston at 20A Pimlico Road
Timothy Langston at 20A Pimlico Road

“I was introduced to Andrew Sinclair and his boxes by a friend at a party last year and immediately fell in love with the fantasy of his creations. Each box tells a story and as a collection they allow us to journey through the 20th century. As I studied each of them, I found myself drawn into surreal parodies of transport, war, horror, movies and space flight. After a bottle or so of Champagne and talking to Andrew, I felt there was a great deal of creative potential for telling his story while displaying his art.


Andrew Sinclair In the Garden at Tite Street
Andrew Sinclair In the Garden at Tite Street

Surrealist art has always captivated me and the nature of these works appeals to my nostalgic fascination with the twentieth century. There is also a childlike quality to them which in turn pulled me back to my own childhood. I am looking forward to combining these time capsules with my existing antiques stock. They have both a remarkable antiquarian appeal and tremendous visual impact, each being self-contained and presented as a stage set. Andrew regards them in a way as his ‘lost film sets’ and they allow us to explore the depths of his remarkable imagination.

Juke Box Days - Andrew Sinclair
Juke Box Days – Andrew Sinclair

As an antiques dealer, I love the discoveries you make on your travels and the people you meet every day. I am therefore excited to be extending our reach to this medium at a time when there is increased interest in the art of diorama. In working with Andrew, we feel we are capturing and celebrating this world for the generations to come, before it disappears forever. The whole creative process of working with a film director and experiencing his own demands has provided us with so many ideas which we will apply to future projects.”


Film is Art: The Magical World of Andrew Sinclair (22nd – 26th April)

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