Films: Artwork in Flow

Andrew Sinclair’s love for and understanding of early cinema, his passion for the magical and surreal German and French filmmakers as well as legendary (and by now) cult stories are played out in his wonderfully imaginative box art.

From the gothic horror figure Nosferatu over the futuristic drama of Metropolis to the dream like world of Hans Christian Anderson, Sinclair reiterates that “films are primarily pictures”; stories unfold from them in wonderful ways.


If you, however, require some additional inspiration, some of the otherwise static boxes offer just that. Moving elements arouse the blood and gore, the love and lust as well as the mysterious and the atmospheric whilst confronting us with our deepest fears or fantasies.

Be it a fantastical scene from a Sci-Fi movie or a gripping detective story, Charlie Chaplin or Dracula, Sinclair composes scenes with characters we instantly recognise.

Film is Art: The Magical World of Andrew Sinclair (22nd – 26th April 2015)

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